Show of Support for those who hold up the Thin Blue Line. July 11, 2016 09:47

Posted by Scott Reinacher


I came into the Thin Blue Line of Michigan Office today and upon my arrival I was greeted by this Amazing show of Honor and Respect for all of our Police and Public Safety Officers Tyed to the gate post.(Shown in the attached photographs.)

Upon opening my email I found an email from a citizen/business owner and Veteran which I have attached for your reading pleasure.

To all my Brothers & Sisters in Blue, remember that the overwhelming majority of the citizens we serve deeply appreciate your work and the sacrafices you make daily. Stay strong, watch you backs and carry on !!

"Today, many of us citizens are mourning the current beginning of an apparent “War on Police” taking root in our nation. We are mourning the loss of life of OUR Defenders! We are sick with grief for the fallen Officers families and loved ones. We are now wondering what we can do, to let our brave men and women in uniform know that we are with them, we support them, and are worried for them. We are worried for their safety, we are worried for their moral, we are worried for the increased stress they and their family members are suffering. We are worried that they may conclude, that it’s just not worth the pay anymore, the risk too high. Without these brave people, we have no civilization. Rights are meaningless without someone to defend them with Law and Order.

We understand that no one is perfect, we understand the job is hard and extremely dangerous. And those of us paying attention, have seen continued improvement in law enforcement. We are not falling for the MSM and many in our Government’s stereo-typing of Police as “Bad” and “Racist” based on a minor fraction of a fraction of a percent of the Police in our Nation. America’s Police are head and shoulders; more honorable than any other grouping of people I can identify. We as a nation should be proud!"