What it means to be a member . . .

  • Your membership makes you part of a large support network, assisting others and their families every day who are injured, disabled, suffering from personal or terminal illness or killed in the line of duty.
  • You become eligible for the provision and assistance of services in the areas of financial assistance (up to $900 per month), legal review and assistance, counseling services, benefit review and recovery, funeral stipends, college stipends and coverage for other areas of hardship.
  • Assistance with members’ personal illness and health care matters including illness and health care of a spouse or children.
  • Analysis of the members work and personal benefit coverages will be provided upon request at no cost to protect both the member and their family against insufficient coverage for life events.
  • A custom Will & Living Trust, including pour over will and more will be available at a reduced price.
  • For only 33 cents per day protect you and your family during times of hardship with a $25,000 Death Benefit in addition to the other services provided by the Thin Blue Line of Michigan.
  • The satisfaction of knowing that, even should you personally never require any of these services, that you are assisting other members and their families during times of duress.


Methods of becoming a member . . .

  • Payroll Donation
  • Monthly Debit from account (ACH)
  • Annual Check
  • Credit Card

Click here for the Membership Enrollment Form. This form is also referred to as the Payroll Donation form.

Click here for the Automatic Bill Payment Authorization Form (ACH debit form)