Deputy Nick Rule December 7, 2023 11:23

Posted by Todd Piot

Deputy Nick Rule and his wife Taleah were expecting their first child in 2020. Just 5 days before their daughter Blakely was born, Nick suffered a seizure. They would soon find out that seizure was caused by brain cancer. In October of 2020, Nick underwent brain surgery to remove the cancer. The surgery removed most of the cancer, but the Doctors said his cancer would come back, but they could not tell them when. In January 2023, Nick and Taleah welcomed a son Holden. Routine scans in August revealed that Nicks brain cancer was back. Nick underwent a second brain surgery on November 8, 2023. Again, all the tumor could not be removed because it was located in a high motor function area and proceeding farther could have left Nick with severe impairments/disabilities.  

Nick is now battling his second round of brain cancer. Nick has been a Law Enforcement Officer since 2014 working in both Genesee and Oakland County, Michigan. His cancer diagnosis ended his career as a Firefighter/EMT with the North Oakland County Fire Authority (Holly, Michigan) where he had been protecting and serving those residents since 2008. Nick’s wife Taleah is a National Orientation Team Leader for LifeStance Health (A Mental Health Company)

Nick will need to remain off work for an unknown amount of time to recover from surgery and to undergo treatment. Taleah has used all her FMLA for 2023. She could only take 1 week off following Nick’s November surgery, making caring for Nick and their children even harder. Nick and Taleah help and serve others and now they are the ones that need help. In addition to the stress of Nick’s cancer diagnosis for a second time, there is the uncertainty of if or when Nick will be able to return to being a law enforcement officer because of permanent impairments the surgery may have caused. They are also experiencing financial struggles from climbing medical costs. With your support, they can focus on Nick’s health, his cancer fight and their family. 100% of your donation will go to the Rule Family.

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