Scott Lee Reinacher Endowment

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Whether we write a memoir (or not) or are well-known (or not) within our community, in the end we're all remembered for our acts - for the lives we touch and by the causes we advance. Today we're excited to announce that Scott has decided it is time to retire! But... there is one last mission that we would like to complete before Scott steps down.

ln recognition of his more than 46 years of public safety service, and after assisting over 800 families as President of the Thin Blue Line of Michigan, we would like to honor Scott by creating the Scott Lee Reinacher Endowment Fund.

Your tax deductible (non-profit 501-C3) gifts/donations to the Scott Lee Reinacher Endowment Fund will help ensure that the Thin Blue Line of Michigan will be able to continue its mission of assisting all public safety officers well into the future.

Everyday across America, another public safety officer will be killed or injured in the line of duty. Today, public safety officers have never been more at risk of death or catastrophic injury. That is why it is so important to have an agency like the Thin Blue Line of Michigan who will help support public safety officers and their families in their
time of need.

On behalf of the executive board, we thank Scott for all his unwavering, tireless dedication to The Thin Blue Line of Michigan and wish him a happy, healthy retirement!

We also would like to thank you ln advance for your generous donation to the Scott Lee Reinacher Endowment Fund as we enter our 25th year of continued service.

Kelly S. (Pigeon) Henry
Executive Director
Thin Blue Line of Michigan

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