Kurt Potratz May 08, 2017 19:00

Deputy Kurt Potratz

Monroe County S.O.

"I was involved in an on-duty patrol car crash in which I broke my right hip. I was overwhelmed by the assistance that I received: Assistance is locating an attorney, no-fault insurance benefits, work-comp consultation, and crime-victims applications. My needs were met and far exceeded. It is an organization that every officer in Michigan should be aware of, because every officer will need TBL at some time in their career."

The Thin Blue Line of Michigan assisted Kurt with benefits and finances after his accident.

Anonymous May 05, 2017 19:00


"My daughter and I are very grateful for everything this organization has done. This organization has been a God send for my daughter, allowing her to pursue her academic ability without the worry of financial support. It gives families peace of mind and also moral support."

In this case, the Thin Blue Line provided financial assistance for a young woman's tuition after the death of her father.

Brian Zasadny May 01, 2017 19:00

Officer Brian Zasadny
Ann Arbor P.D.

"I have a son with special needs and when I needed some financial assistance I contacted them. I called when I realized my son was going to have some [expensive] therapy. ...we wanted my son to have this therapy but we had concerns on how we were going to afford it. I never thought they [TBL] could help me out as much as they did.

I signed up [as a TBL member] to assist others. I never thought I would be seeking help from them. It just shows that you never know what is going to happen and when."

The Thin Blue Line provided Brian and his son with financial assistance.

Anonymous April 24, 2017 19:00


"[My husband] was killed in the line of duty. TBL helped us understand the support network available - emotional and financial. We appreciated help understanding our responsibilities, pending benefits, paperwork, and expectations for the coming year. They made us all feel like we could continue to live."

The Thin Blue Line assisted this family of survivors emotionally and organizationally after a line of duty death. 

Robert Miller April 20, 2017 19:12

Officer Robert Miller
Battle Creek P.D.

"I knew about the TBL for several years, however it wasn't until I was shot that I knew the great extent of the benefits the TBL of MI offers. It was an awesome feeling that there was assistance for my family after the shooting. This has been a life changing experience."

The Thin Blue Line provided Robert with assistance submitting his case to the Crime Victims Fund and financial support during his recovery.

Ed Colinas February 10, 2017 18:00

Sgt. Ed Colinas
Chesterfield Township P.D.

"The financial assistance helped keep us on top of our bills as we are a single income family. Kind words and prayers helped to keep me 'positive' about my situation and recovery. TBL helps to make officers & families financially 'whole', especially in single income families like mine."

The Thin Blue Line of Michigan provided Ed and his family with financial assistance.

Bert Richards February 03, 2017 17:16

Trooper Bert Richards
Michigan State Police

"...I contacted the TBL ref. assistance with a Workers Comp. denial. I was overjoyed, I never realized the TBL assisted in cases like mine. They provided me the resources I needed to assist with a dispute. They gave me peace of mind that everything would be ok. It's in their name - 'Thin Blue Line' - They understand the demands of the job."

The Thin Blue Line provided Bert with legal assistance to solve a workers compensation dispute. 

Mike Dingwell January 13, 2017 00:00

Mike Dingwell
Michigan Department of Corrections

"[The TBL staff] were very positive in a bad time in my life - fighting cancer and nearly losing my job... The TBL helped us offset the costly experience of cancer battle... The TBL far exceeded my expectations. Their services and staff are beyond great."

The Thin Blue Line of Michigan provided Mike with legal assistance to keep his employment and with financial assistance for his medical costs. 

Scot Olney January 06, 2017 00:00

Scot Olney

"I was involved in a motorcycle accident off duty... I was very surprised that as a part-time employee I qualified for assistance. The assistance made the difference in surviving... Knowing an organization is there to help is very valuable not only to an officer but also their family. The blue line is thin, and this organization insures it will remain unbroken."

The Thin Blue Line of Michigan provided emotional and financial support after Scot was injured in an off duty motorcycle accident. 

Robert & Carey Baxter December 30, 2016 17:11

Robert Baxter
Tuscola County Sheriff's Department

"My wife [Carey] had stage IV breast cancer and was unable to walk. I needed help getting her to appointments safely and comfortably. I wasn't sure before hand if they could help since my wife was not a LEO [Law Enforcement Officer], but felt relieved they could... It was a relief to know that she could get transportation. It took care of one less worry."

The Thin Blue Line of Michigan assisted by providing a transport van service for Carey.

Anonymous December 23, 2016 15:49

Livingston County Sheriff's Department

"I cannot describe my reaction fully. What TBL did for my family and I, I will never forget. I felt TBL cared because of the e-mail and phone calls to check up on me. ...your support totally blew me away."

In this case, the Thin Blue Line gave financial assistance and acted as liaison for an injured officer.

Officer Travis Fante December 15, 2016 17:58

Grand Rapids P.D.

"...I never expected such help! I was also surprised how long they [The TBL] continued to support me. We stick together and when one of us is hurt we all hurt. ...I think everyone in need would benefit from this organization."

Travis was injured in an accident. The Thin Blue Line provided financial assistance to him and his family after his injury.