Joan Darrow, Spouse of Officer Brian Darrow May 22, 2015 10:55

Posted by Severin Erickson

I came to know the Thin Blue Line of Michigan following the death of my husband.  My husband Officer Brian Darrow was a huge supporter of this organization and participated in many of the rides and charity events to help raise money for other officers and their families.  Representatives of the organization attended Brian’s funeral as they knew him and offered their assistance in any way possible.  The financial assistance I received could not have come at a more crucial time.  Month after month of receiving monies was overwhelming and given with such generosity.  After receiving a vehicle from Ford Motor Company the Thin Blue Line of Michigan paid the licensing fees and sales tax.  This organization has been a huge emotional support.  They have welcomed both me and my family at every event.  I will always be grateful. With the untimely death of my husband and with no income the financial and emotional support was beyond my expectations.  Brian was a huge supporter of this organization and a strong believer and now I know why.  Now I understand.  What an honor it must have been for him to believe so totally in a group like this and that I benefitted from it. It has been all that he believed in and more. Adversity can be experienced by any of us and most especially those families left behind when their loved one dies unexpectedly.  This organization is very caring and anxious to help those in need.