Officer Margaret Edit May 22, 2015 10:54

Posted by Severin Erickson

I was injured on the job and was out of work for almost 3.5 months and on light duty for 3 weeks.  I was then injured again at work just a few months after returning to work and was again out of work for six months and light duty for three months.  The Union President applied for benefits with the Thin Blue Line of Michigan on my behalf.   I first spoke to the Case Manager who proved to not only be a great source of information but a kind and compassionate soul.  The organization applied for benefits that I was entitled too that I was not aware of which resulted in a significant financial recovery.  I was provided guidance and when it became necessary legal support which without their assistance I would have been rendered helpless.  They gave me the power to fight and stay sane through the worse time of my life.  I received every possible benefit that they could and emotional support which was greatly needed.  When I encountered problems with a Workers Compensation Third Party Administrator the Thin Blue Line of Michigan’s Case Manager informed me of my rights and assisted and guided me in dealing with them.  The case manager also proof read all the correspondence that I wrote even though I knew they were busy.  This was an expectation that I never expected.  The financial assistance was great but the assistance that I received in dealing with my Workers Compensation case you can’t place a value on.  I would have been denied rights I was entitled to if it were not for the case manager.  I am indebted to this organization.  If Thin Blue Line of Michigan could become a union affiliation that would be the icing on the cake as far as I am concerned.  When you’re in need you feel that you are alone and no one cares.  The Thin Blue Line is the only organization that will stand by your side and see you through your darkest time.  They are the beacon and light that shines so bright and guides you through the storm.