A HUGE SHOUT OUT to THE FIRING LINE.......... July 29, 2016 09:11

Thank you for the use of your facility, staff support and the volunteers that made the event an amazing success !!

Show of Support for those who hold up the Thin Blue Line. July 11, 2016 09:47


I came into the Thin Blue Line of Michigan Office today and upon my arrival I was greeted by this Amazing show of Honor and Respect for all of our Police and Public Safety Officers Tyed to the gate post.(Shown in the attached photographs.)

Upon opening my email I found an email from a citizen/business owner and Veteran which I have attached for your reading pleasure.

To all my Brothers & Sisters in Blue, remember that the overwhelming majority of the citizens we serve deeply appreciate your work and the sacrafices you make daily. Stay strong, watch you backs and carry on !!

"Today, many of us citizens are mourning the current beginning of an apparent “War on Police” taking root in our nation. We are mourning the loss of life of OUR Defenders! We are sick with grief for the fallen Officers families and loved ones. We are now wondering what we can do, to let our brave men and women in uniform know that we are with them, we support them, and are worried for them. We are worried for their safety, we are worried for their moral, we are worried for the increased stress they and their family members are suffering. We are worried that they may conclude, that it’s just not worth the pay anymore, the risk too high. Without these brave people, we have no civilization. Rights are meaningless without someone to defend them with Law and Order.

We understand that no one is perfect, we understand the job is hard and extremely dangerous. And those of us paying attention, have seen continued improvement in law enforcement. We are not falling for the MSM and many in our Government’s stereo-typing of Police as “Bad” and “Racist” based on a minor fraction of a fraction of a percent of the Police in our Nation. America’s Police are head and shoulders; more honorable than any other grouping of people I can identify. We as a nation should be proud!"

Firing Line hosts fundraiser for Thin Blue Line! May 24, 2016 16:26

Saturday, July 23rd, the Firing Line is hosting a fundraiser for the Thin Blue Line of Michigan! From 9am - 6pm Firing Line will accept donations to our organization in return for time with their amazing indoor range. Make a donation of $20, and you get all the benefits of buying range time as well as helping us in our mission. 

Pop and hot-dogs will also be available, with the proceeds benefiting the TBL as well.

We hope to see you there!

Firing Line Website: Here.

Firing Line Guns                                          
3300 Ford Rd.                                    
Westland, MI 48185

The Danger of the “Black Lives Matter” Movement. May 05, 2016 00:00


A very interesting read and the statistics speak for themselves. The safety of our Public Safety Officers is foremost. The continued injury and death caused the promotion of total disrespect for authority figures needs to be corrected and supported by the politicians who request an orderly society. Stand up America before it's to late !!

Remembering line of duty death of Detroit Police Officer Neil Keith Wells. End of Watch, April 4, 2001. April 04, 2016 14:06

On this day of remembrance, keep the family of Police Officer Neil Keith Wells, Detroit Police Department. in your prayers.

Rest in Peace my Brother in Blue.

End of Watch: Wednesday, April 4, 2001


Officer Neil Wells was shot and killed while he and other officers were investigating a complaint of drug dealing in a partially vacant apartment building.

Officer Wells was in plain clothes and wearing a vest. As he searched the building, he encountered one of the suspects and was shot twice, once in the chest and once in the side, with an AK-47 rifle. At least one of the rounds bypassed his vest.

Three suspects were apprehended at the scene shortly after the shooting. The shooter was determined to have been released early from prison after using a false name. He was apprehended after murdering Officer Wells and sentenced to 62 to 92 years for the murder.

Officer Wells was a member of a unit which policed high-crime areas. He had been employed with the Detroit Police Department for 14 years, and is survived by a teenage son and a teenage daughter.

See More

Thin Blue Line ribbon magnets back in store! March 30, 2016 13:57

One of our most popular items, the Thin Blue Line ribbon magnet, is back in stock! These guys look great on car bumpers and refrigerators, so get 'em before we run out again. As usual all profit from sales are used to further our mission; so thank you for your support if you purchase!

Click here to see the store page!

Have a Safe St. Patrick's day my Brothers in Blue ! If you're working or not be safe watch your six for those who over indulge! March 17, 2016 08:30

Thank you to American Legion Post 8 March 02, 2016 08:04

The Second Annual Law Enforcement Appreciation Dinner was a huge success.  Our hat is off to the respect and honor that our Veterans treat and respect Michigan's Public Safety Officers and their families. Thank you for your selfless hard work, support, and significant donation to the mission of the Thin Blue Line of Michigan.

Fundraiser for Flint Township Police Officer Steven Parkers family. February 23, 2016 21:36

Steve Parker Memorial Fund
Invites you to share an evening of
great food, good friends and

Come and watch as the supporters of
​​​ Steve Parker Memorial Fund
test their skills behind the grill!

Wednesday, March 2nd 2016 from 5:00-8:00 pm
bd’s Mongolian Grill - Flint
4205 Miller Road, Flint

All tips donated at the grill go toward the
Steve Parker Memorial Fund
Go Mongo!

Thin Blue Line of Michigan will be on site raising funds for the family, come join us and show your support for our fellow Brother in Blue !

Watch your six my Brothers in Blue! February 12, 2016 07:58

Please pray for the safety of Michigan's Public Safety Officers and their families. Keep them safe from harm always guard them from evil. 

Thanks to Thrivent Financial Members who donated in 2015! February 09, 2016 18:39

We at the Thin Blue Line of Michigan just wanted to thank those who have supported the Thin Blue Line of Michigan Mission in assisting Michigan's Public Safety Officer's and their families through the Thrivent Choice program! If you are a Thrivent member, consider the Thin Blue Line for your Thrivent Choice giving in 2016!

Thrivent Choice® participants have thousands of options … but they chose you. Based on their recommendations, Thin Blue Line of Michigan received $4,042 in 2015. The Thrivent Choice program helps Thrivent members make a positive impact in their communities.  If you're a Thrivent Member consider donating to the Thin Blue Line of Michigan.

Crime Prevention Association of Michigan May 22, 2015 09:07

The Crime Prevention Association of Michigan (CPAM) provides and promotes crime prevention, education, training, technical assistance and professional development to crime prevention practitioners to improve the quality of life in Michigan communities.

You are invited to contact us if:

• You wish to join a professional network of public and private crime prevention practitioners
• You are a full time student in a criminal justice related field (Dues are waived)
• You want someone to contact you about crime prevention in your community
• You are interested in financial sponsorship
• You just want to drop us a note

Click here to go to the CPAM website!